Thursday, August 9, 2018

Learn New Way On How To Earn and Make Money With Google Admob Everyday

Learn New Way On How To Earn and Make Money With Google Admob Everyday

Hello Guys,  Did you actually know that there's some best way you can make real money? with Google Admob you can make $10 - $100 perday using your android device and it won't take much of your time at all. Infact Google Admob is one of the best way you can easily make money through monetizing of ads on your app.
I know you might be wondering about how its works and of course,  How can someone makes lot of money with Admob,  but truth speaking this is real, very simple and easier once you have strong 3G, 4G Android device on your hand.

Many people also knows about this Tricks and they make real money every month straight away to thier bank account. But there are also some novice now adays that dont know how to make money using same Google Admob,  but unfotunately some knows and their admob account got suspended or disable,  Do you know Why? Because they follow the wrong part of the tricks.
If you are a novice or this is your first time coming to this blog and you want to learn how you can also make ๐Ÿค‘ money with Google Admob every day using your smartphone  FBT Blog Will teach you how  @Affordable price only if you are interested in it. For more enquires you can easily contact Us directly below to get started.

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Saturday, July 21, 2018

New Offer!! How To Activate Airtel 3GB For N1000 And 1.5GB For N500

New Offer!! How To Activate Airtel 3GB For N1000 And 1.5GB For N500

Airtel Nigeria has finally introduced another great offer for their new customers,  This new offer is now working flawlessly nowadays on new sim card only. The new offer gives all new subscribers double data and double bonus whenever they purchase any data plan.

This offer also works on some lucky old Airtel sim as well,  But with truth speaking,  I will surely advise you to get a new Airtel sim, So that you will be easier for you to enjoy the free double data bonus on your phone at any time you want to.

To get this Double data bonus on your device,  you don't have to do a lot of work,  All you have to do is,  just visit any Airtel Experience center, get a sim,  register then recharge the line once the sim is fully activated. 
Once you Recharge your new registered Airtel sim,  Now quickly dial *141#  on your phone to purchase any data plan of your choice to enjoy the amazing offer. 
Download Latest FIFA 2019 PPSSPP Iso File For Android

Download Latest FIFA 2019 PPSSPP Iso File For Android

Latest FIFA 2019 iso file for ppsspp is now available to download on your Android device or Pc.  The new FIFA 19 iso file for PSP has been released and of course,  am going to provide the direct download link for you to download and enjoy on your device.
When we are talking about a Real soccer game, FIFA 2019 iso is one of the best iso files that can be easily playable on PPSSPP emulator so far once your device meets the maximum requirements, Surely the game will run smoothly on your device without any issue.
Always note that before you will download the latest FIFA 2019 iso file to your Android device make sure your device meets the below requirements,  and if your device failed to meet the requirements I will recommend Pes 2019 iso file for you.


Latest PPSSPP Emulator,  Download it Here
FIFA 2019 iso File for Ppsspp Download it Here 
OS: Android 5.0 or a higher version.
RAM"  2GB  Or More.
Storage: 8GB Or More. 

How To Make Use Of FIFA 2019 iso file work on PPSSPP Emulator

1. Once the FIFA 19 iso file has been successfully downloaded, now,  just unzip the file and copy out the iso file to a folder where it can easily be located when needed. 

2. After you have unzipped the game and you have also put the game to a folder where it can be located easily,  just go back to launch the PPSSPP emulator on your device and then browse for the Fifa 2019 iso file. 

3. Once you've seen the file in a folder you copy it too. Quickly Tap on it,  and your game will start Immediately then you are free to go.  Happy Gaming!! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Download GTA San Andreas Lite, Mali, Adreno, Apk + Obb For Tablet and Android Devices

Download GTA San Andreas Lite, Mali, Adreno, Apk + Obb For Tablet and Android Devices

GTA San Andreas is one of the best and the most popular game now adays everyone really loves playing on Android and tablet phones why? Because the game is easy to control and it also has the best graphics,  missions,  weapons, and lots more. 
Few people are worried and confused and they are not ready to Download the game. Do you know why?  Because they know that GTA San Andreas file size comes with big file which is up-to 2.5gb of data Before it get downloaded on their devices. 
On this blog today,  I really have good news for game lovers, Especially those who have interested On GTA San Andreas.  Am happy to let you know that GTA San Andreas has been compress to 200mb of data. To install and enjoy this game on your device you will need the following requirements below.


How To Install and Enjoy GTA San Andreas On Your Device

  • Using the Esxplorer app (Download it from Google play store if you don’t have it on your phone), extract the GTA SA Lite Data file you just downloaded.
  • Now move the GTA San Andreas Lite data to this location: Android/obb
  • After that, go to the APK file and Install It.
  • That’s all. Launched your game and enjoy.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Download Latest GB Whatsapp V6.40 New Update For Android

Download Latest GB Whatsapp V6.40 New Update For Android

Popular mod Whatsapp app, which is popularly known as GB Whatsapp has released another update near 2019, The new GBWhatsapp update comes with many features and the app size has also be reduced to make the app run smoothly on all devices.
GB Whatsapp is one of the best whatsapp mod app have ever seen. Do you know why? Because it has some great features that most of whatsapp doesn't have. With GB whatsapp mod you can know when your contact are online,  apply themes,  lock chat, Download & save status on your phone and many more.

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More New Features Of GB Whatsapp V6.40

  • New Base Updated to 2.18.122
  • Exclusively Improved Option for Specific/Except Contacts/Groups in Auto-Reply
  • Improved No Need to Restart When use Privacy except for Hide Last Seen
  • Enabled Locked Voice Recordings (Press and Swipe up/No need to hold for Recording)
  • Enabled Group Settings - Send Messages (Once Enabled only Admin can Send Messages in Group)
  • Added Stock Fab (Mod 2.7.9)
  • Added Option to Hide New Chat Icon from Header (Mod 2.1.11)
  • Added Option for Disable Revoked Message Notification(Mod 6.20)
  • Added Option to Disable Auto-Reply when Hide Read
  • Added Option to Enable Video Icon in Conversation Header (Mod 1.1.16)
  • Added Custom Media Auto-Download in Custom Chats
  • Added Now You can Search by Name in Theme Server
  • Updated Italian & Brazilian language
  • Fixed Contacts Name Color when Add Participants
  • Fixed Bubble Color
  • Fixed Privacy for Blue Microphone
  • Fixed GIF Background Color
  • Fixed Attach Icon not Showing in Broadcast chat
  • Fixed Action Bar Color, Icon Background color, Count color in Hidden Chats & Archived Chats
  • Many Other Fixes...

Where To Download GB Whatsapp V6.40 

Click Here To Download GBWhatsapp V6.40 Apk for Android and Tablet Devices. 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Download Latest Pes 2019 Ppsspp Iso File For Android, iOS and Windows.

Download Latest Pes 2019 Ppsspp Iso File For Android, iOS and Windows.

I know many people are now waiting for the Latest and new PES 2019 iso file to be released for ppsspp,  Finally the Pes 2019 iso file is now fully available to download on Android,  iOS and windows phone.
If you are looking for the latest football ppsspp cso and iso file games to download on your device,  such as PES,  FIFA, Mortal kombat, GTA, and more. Seriously you are in the right place. Because on this blog today we are going to Reveal the new PES 2019 ppsspp iso file link that's available for download on your device.
The new PES 2019 ppsspp iso file is patched by jogress and Techno gamer in English, French, and the game comes with nice graphics and new features,  The game size is not much and it's fast. So without much time left,  before you can download and enjoy the new PES 2019 iso on your device. Your device must meet these requirements below.

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Latest Ppsspp Emulator. Click Here
Android Device, 4.4 or a higher version. 
At least 3gb storage left in the device. 
Device RAM: At least 1GB Or More. 

How To Download and Enjoy Pes 2019 PPSSPP Iso File On Your Device

1. Firstly,  You need to Download Pes 2019 iso file by ๐Ÿ‘‰ Click Here Or Here To download directly

2. Once the Downloading completed, Now unzip the Pes 2019 iso zip file using an app called Es explorer 

3. Now use the Es explorer to extract the Iso file to a folder where you can easily locate it when needed. 

4. Once extracting Completed, Congrat ๐Ÿ‘, Now quickly launch PPSSPP Emulator from your device. If you don't  have the latest PPSSPP Emulator on your device, You can download it by ๐Ÿ‘‰  Clicking Here.

5. Once you Launch the PPSSPP Emulator, Kindly browse for the new PES 2019 iso file for you extracted on your SD card and Tap On the file to Start and play the game and enjoy. 

In case If you are looking for the latest PES 2019 Iso Save Data to download and enjoy on your Android device, don't worry, you can easily get it from Here and Enjoy

Happy Gaming!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2018

How To Browse, Download Free on Glo Using Ucmini Handler Browser

How To Browse, Download Free on Glo Using Ucmini Handler Browser

Hello Guys,  it's seems few people didn't enjoy the new Glo 2018 Unlimited free browsing on their Android device,  why? I think it's because their phone doesn't have enough 3G/4G strong network or it's either bad network coverage.
However,  many people already know Glo network is not much as strong even when you are using normal data bundle,  it's also the same.  But don't worry guys, here is another alternative way you can easily enjoy the Glo unlimited free browsing on your phone Even if you don't have strong network.

This new alternative way helps you to browse,  download unlimited without any issues of disconnecting until you do so. Without much time left, let me quickly use the opportunity to show you all requirements you need to enjoy this browsing on your device.

How To Download Large Files On Glo Via Ucmini Handler v10.4 apk

1. First of all, you need to download the Latest version of Ucmini Handler ๐Ÿ‘‰ Here

2. Once download Completed, now Install and Launch the app from your phone. 
3. After opening the app, scroll down and configure the Ucmini handler like this below.

✔ Tick Removed Port
Proxy Type: Choose Real Host
Proxy Server: ๐Ÿ‘‰
Real Proxy Server: Choose HTTP
Real Proxy Port: 80

After you configure your UCmini Handler with the above settings now click on save icon below and you are good to go. In case if you want to download big files, just follow this simple steps below. 

How To Download Large File On Glo Via Ucmini Handler 10.4

➡ First of all Open this site “” with your uc mini handler.

✔ Then add the site url/address you want to download from 

✔ Then select the whatever you want to download and your download will start downloading 

NOTE: This site muchproxy normally rename the file you are downloading to .php format. Now what you should do is to change the .php extension to the format of the file you are downloading. For example .mp4, .apk, .exe .pdf etc when the download option popup before downloading.